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GCMBPO is a leader in the BPO industry in Central America.

Founded in 1996

We are always looking for the total satisfaction of our customers and customers of our customers.

Our Vision

Make our customers more competitive.

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GCMBPO is a leader in the BPO industry in Central America. We are passionate about the clients of our clients. We offer security, training and of course our costs are of the lowest in the market, for the value that our client receives. We are always looking for the total satisfaction of our customers and customers of our customers. GCMBPO specialize in Inbound Customer Service, Technical Support, Telecommunications, Travel & Tourism and more.


Our priority is always the best return on investment for our clients, through our offices in Fort Lauderdale, Amsterdam and El Salvador. We are serving the English speaking markets through a comprehensive knowledge of our customers' processes.

We do this through visits of our teams to your company, to know in detail the entire environment in which your client is involved. Through our analysis of your requirements achieve that our services surpass any expectations, even better than the company that hired us could give.

Our Vision

"Make our customers more competitive"

GCMBPO strives on a daily basis to be the world’s best value based Call Center for Companies seeking a best solution. Being the world’s best means providing exceptional call center value with highly skilled agents and outstanding customer satisfaction.

Our Mision

Provide e-contact solutions with excellence and ethical services, supported by our dynamic personnel and the latest technology, to assure that the advantages of our customers´ products and services will be successfully communicated to the end user.

Our Values Are

Integrity and Honestity
Fair treat for all and respect for the individual
Customer satisfaction obsession
Excellence commitment

What Clients Say?

Toom Waterloo

GCM and El Salvador have a very particular characteristics of customer service, as culture. We are very satisfied with them in terms of metrics, solution oriented people and very compromised with the total satisfaction of my customers.

Toom Waterloo VirtuServe - President

Why Choose Us?


Qualified People

We have been working with American customers in English applications, so we have proven that our quality control human resource system guarantee you that we will have world class personnel. Our ISO 9,000 system gives us the authority to give you only a standard performance.


Proximity to the US

We are in the center of Latin America, El Salvador, where we have easy access to the High Tech digital communication. We are just three hours by airplane from Houston, USA, and we have one of the worldwide lowest telecommunication cost. In addition, we are in the same time zone than the United States: From April to October we are in Mountain time and from November to March we are in Central time.


American accent/ Very accustomed with the US culture

Because of our closeness to the United States, our English accent is American oriented; Salvadorian schools teach the American way to speak in English. One third of our population lives in the United States and this is the reason we are very familiar with the traditions, such as holidays, business, seasons, etc.


Bilingual English/Spanish

A good proportion of the population in the US are Hispanics and our neutral accent, in Spanish as well as in English, clear with no regional characteristic, makes it more universal and acceptable.


Cost Reduction

We are a very cost effective company and we present all our savings to our customers. We have developed our cost model that offer a high quality service with a low costs business. We have a simple organization with only 3 levels, which give us more flexibility and become more management involved.



Through our Technological Hub in California, we can provide the state of the art in contact center technology, from the simple Chat support System report to our most advance monitoring voice system on-line, so you can be connected with your customers in real time, all the time.

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